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  • Ali Baba restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Boeing pressure vessel test, Bigelow Aerospace
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  • TRES Data Center development analysis sheet
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  • Rotted walls rebuild, property complex, Kansas City
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  • Field of Faux Finishing
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  • Engineering Analysis, EIFS volume & structural calculations
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  • Commercial paint/sign, Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Paint and Faux Finishing, private residence, Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Waste water facility project, client: CIFD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Adult arcade complex mural, client: Bell Rd Development Group, Phoenix, AZ
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  • Structural steel design, component for heavy duty trailer ramps
  • Shed Foundation, Liberty, Kansas
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  • Drive-up ramp design and fabrication for 6000 lb scissor lift
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  • Contractor using on site fabricatedd, 25' miter saw bed
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  • Society of Professional Rope Access Techs training, Las Vegas, NV
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  • Bay walls lowering project, Temco Corp., Las Vegas, NV
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  • Fabricated beams, bay wall lowering project, Temco Corp, Las Vegas, NV
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  • Temco walls final with new paint on bay doors.
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  • Warehouse maintenance project, Las Vegas, NV
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  • 12,000 sq ft Venetian plaster install, private residence, LV, NV
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  • Decorative Accents web site header design
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