Craftsmen and Labor

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You may need only a trusted contractor with a couple of laborers on your job. Or you may be seeking just one professional engineer to do loading analysis. Perhaps you'd like to hire skilled laborers. Industrial Sculpting networks for you.

SPRAT_teacher_300x225 goes here One thing I have noticed is that when a contractor actually works alongside his crew, there is a constant high level of quality. If a small contractor is running multiple jobs at once and he does not hire experienced foremen, woe be unto the customer, as quality plummets.

On large scale projects requiring specific trade skills where a great deal of experience is required, crews of men are necessary. Trade unions are often turned to for the skills and the numbers of laborers and craftsmen that are required.

Industrial Sculpting is a hands-on company whose personnel are directly involved in meeting the objectives of our clients.

I.S. puts together teams of professionals on a per-job basis, including
  1. Project Director
  2. Professional Engineers
  3. Scientists
  4. Technicians
  5. Accountants
  6. Business Specialists
  7. Artists
  8. Contractors
  9. Skilled Tradesmen
  10. Rope Access Technicians with trades skills
  11. Craftsmen
  12. Laborers
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