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Project Management

stairwell_scaffold_300x400 goes here Some words from Dwain Seppala, the nucleation site for Industrial Sculpting.

People have hired me, with troubled minds over incompetent staff working under a desperate contractor, with a sense of relief upon their countenance, to do what might be termed "contracting", but I am not a contractor (yet, anyways) and have never hidden the fact. I am an artist and a scientist who is willing to work hard and get his hands dirty at mundane tasks, or 'dirty jobs', as Mike Rowe coined it.

The relief people feel when involving me comes from what I am really doing for them, which is to manage a project, usually creative and often actually involving a contractor or engineer, to execute hands-on tasks at a high level of quality while managing the project efficiently, safely, and with a minimum of trouble and mess. Some jobs are more technical than others, obviating the need for intelligent oversight.

Any engineer, scientist, contractor, tradesman, craftsman, but maybe not artist (kidding!), knows that there is a lot more that can be accomplished, and as is sometimes an issue, with a much higher level of safety, when two or more men work together.

Project management, the arts, engineering, business development, these are areas where women do competition-ass-kicking good work, so don't think that I've left them out of my scales of appreciation. Its just that where football and hard labor must be fulfilled, I hire men, whereas when involved in arts projects I have worked alongside women more often than guys.

Project management becomes fully necessary as any task hits an industrial level complexity.

Industrial Sculpting is a brainchild, based on the belief there is a reality wherein good, honest, hardworking, intelligent, well trained, cool headed people will make things happen. I've been witness to this while managing an aerospace test department, while executing a set of six huge murals in an environment where the temperature never dropped below 93 degrees, 1000 feet below the Mojave during nuclear weapons testing, and in a trench shoveled out for block wall footing forms. Dig it.
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